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Panic stations?

My first few days as a maths teacher are now over and the dust has settled. Being honest, I didn’t think they’d be as stressful and anxious as they were. 
I left my role as Head of PE to take up a whole school leadership role to engage disengaged boys and improve boys achievement across the school, leading it from my maths classroom. Facing a very full timetable this year is going to be my biggest challenge and having few resources to work with will make it all the more interesting for me. 
I’ve had a lot of the staff body approach me over the first five days saying how impressed they are that I’ve taken the step across and also that they wouldn’t have the confidence to. I honestly lost that confidence Wednesday night before the students were in on Thursday, questioning my decision and wondering if I’d made the right choice personally and professionally. However after my first three days back in the classroom I’m happy with the choice and excited by the challenge, rather than the appreh…