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Boys will be...

Title: Boys will be...
Focus: Challenging misconceptions about gender differences

“Boys will be boys” is a saying that is regularly used to justify unruly behaviour in our sons, male students or boys that we see in public. This saying needs to be changed to “boys will be brilliant” or not used at all.

Please have a go at answering the true or false questions below, the answers for them and the reasons will be explained later...

1.Boys and girls mature at the same rate
2.Boys perform worse than girls at coursework and long projects
3.Boys like competition
4.Boys need a loud and commanding authority figure
5.Boys presentation will mainly be worse than girls, regardless

1.Boys and girls mature at the same rate
Girls mature earlier than boys, meaning that boys testosterone levels rocket between 12 and 18 (just when we want them to sit still, focus silently in lessons and take important tests). Because of this, boys still want to play, have fun and build things, so will find it hard …