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How can we as teachers learn from the customer service world?

Focus: Developing an engaging and positive atmosphere from the start
Think of the last time you (a) bought something expensive, that you spent time deliberating over, or (b) you went of holiday.
(a) Now think of the person that sold it to you, why did you buy it from them and not someone else? Was it just because it was cheaper there, or was it because of the service that you were given? (b) Now think of the employees that stick out in your mind that you came across; would you recommend them, give them a good review or would you not go back there again?
What can we learn from a customer service setting?
We can learn a lot from the consumer and customer service world, with the way in which you are met and enticed to buy products. Would you want to buy a car from a sales person that was positive, showed an interest and made you feel like they had your best interests in mind, not just the money they were making from you? The answer is probably going to be yes, so how can we replicate this fe…